simplex Webinar: The Latest Member of the simplex Product Family

simplex Webinar: The Latest Member of the simplex Product Family

xtendx, a leading provider of Enterprise Video Solutions, is proud to introduce “simplex Webinar,” a groundbreaking solution for live and on-demand webinars. This new product has been specifically developed for companies in Switzerland and Germany that demand the highest quality for their webinars while also strengthening their brand presence.

Live with simplex Webinar

With simplex Webinar, companies can organize a variety of webinar formats, ranging from individual presentations to large panel discussions before a broad audience. Thanks to seamless integration into the established simplex product ecosystem, both existing and new customers can easily and efficiently use this solution.

The integration of simplex Webinar into the familiar simplex Editor opens up new possibilities for editing webinar recordings. The recordings are played in the simplex Player, which provides a clear presentation of the content and chapter overviews. This allows companies to transform live webinars into high-quality on-demand versions that meet both marketing and security requirements.

“With simplex Webinar, we enable companies to create and share webinars at the highest level – more efficiently and sustainably.”

Joël Jira, Deputy Managing Director

High-Quality On-Demand Versions

The integration of simplex Webinar into the trusted simplex Editor allows for effortless editing of webinar recordings. Even novices can trim the recording and exchange individual slides in the editor, thus converting live webinars into high-quality on-demand versions. The edited version is then published in the simplex Player, which offers a clear representation of the content and chapter overviews. This flexibility in content distribution ensures that webinars continue to provide lasting value even after their live broadcast.

Wide Distribution via the simplex Streaming Platform

Webinars with a large viewership are distributed via the powerful simplex Streaming Platform without compromising on quality. This enables companies to reach a broader audience while promoting interaction through moderated chats and surveys.

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