Welcome to the FAQ page where we address the key features of simplex Meeting and address security-related questions. For user-specific inquiries about simplex Webcast, we recommend referring to the user manual available in the login area.

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What is simplex Meeting?

simplex Meeting is a subscription-based video conferencing and collaboration service that is accessible online. It is designed for businesses that need to hold virtual video and/or audio meetings with customers and colleagues globally and locally. The service requires no special hardware or software apart from a computer with a camera, microphone, and internet connection. simplex Meeting is provided as a SaaS application, which means it can be accessed directly on the internet without the need for downloads or installations.

simplex Meeting Features:

  • Web application: No plugins; no downloads; compatible with all devices
  • Own branding (White Label)
  • Swiss cloud environment / On Premise
  • WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)
  • Interactive Feature Set
  • Recording and phone dial-in option
  • Automatic meeting summary
  • Microsoft 365 Outlook AddIn
  • Broadcasting “Stream your Conference”
  • Polls feature
  • And much more

Simplex meeting offers several advantages over other products

  1. Ease of use: simplex Meeting provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface, allowing users to quickly and easily participate in virtual meetings without requiring extensive technical knowledge.
  2. High video and audio quality: With advanced technologies, simplex Meeting ensures high-quality video and audio transmissions, enabling clear and smooth communication, especially crucial for business meetings and collaborations.
  3. Flexible meeting options: simplex Meeting offers a variety of meeting options, including one-on-one conversations, group meetings, and webinars. It supports features like screen sharing, document exchange, and chat, enhancing collaboration during meetings.
  4. Security and privacy: simplex Meeting prioritizes security and privacy, utilizing encryption technologies to ensure communication confidentiality. It also implements measures to prevent unauthorized access and data leaks.
  5. Scalability and reliability: simplex Meeting efficiently supports meetings with a large number of participants, thanks to its scalable infrastructure that ensures a reliable connection and performance even in large meetings.
  6. Integration with other tools: simplex Meeting seamlessly integrates with various tools and platforms, easing collaboration. It can be connected to calendar applications, project management tools, or CRM systems, enhancing productivity.

simplex Meeting offers a suite of collaboration tools for use during meetings. Documents can be uploaded in advance or during the meeting, with participants able to download, display, and annotate them together. Tools include a whiteboard, private and shared text chat, meeting minutes, and desktop sharing. At the end of the meeting, the system emails all participants the documents, along with their respective private and shared notes and minutes.

What is included in the Trial account?

By signing up for a trial account, you get two weeks to try out the full service with no feature restrictions. You can start using the service immediately.

It may happen that security settings block live transmission of video. With a preliminary test, you determine whether your network is affected. If so, a temporary adjustment of your firewall setting can easily be made. 

How to extend a Trial account?

If you need more time to evaluate the service, we would be happy to extend your trial for an additional two weeks, giving you a full month to try it out. Simply contact us and request an extension.

Why can’t I hear the other participats?  

If you’re using Google Chrome on a Windows PC and experiencing issues with hearing other participants, it might be related to the application-specific volume control of your operating system. To adjust the volume specifically for Google Chrome on a Windows PC, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Locate and right-click on the volume control icon in your Windows system tray (the collection of icons on the right side of the taskbar).
  • Step 2: Select “Open Volume Mixer” from the list that appears. A window will open, allowing you to adjust the volumes of all applications currently open on your computer.
  • Step 3: Find the Google Chrome application in the list and adjust its associated volume slider to the desired level.

What is a meeting URL? 

The meeting URL is a unique link to your meeting that you can send to your participants. Once they click on the link, they will be automatically directed to your meeting room.

How do I give persmission for video and audio in my browser?

When you join a meeting and start a video or audio session, your browser will prompt you for permission to access your computer’s microphone and camera. To participate in the audio and video conversation, you must grant our service access to your camera and microphone.

How many documets can I share?

In private meeting rooms, you can share documents with a combined size up to your entire available storage. Individual document sizes are limited to 50MB.

What is the maximal number of participants?

The maximum number of participants depends on the selected meeting type:

  • Standard: up to 5 participants (video + audio)
  • Boardroom: up to 30 participants (video + audio)*
  • Audio only: up to 30 participants (audio)
  • Webinar: up to 3 moderators and 50+ participants/ max. 250 (audio + video)*

* Telephone dial-up possible 

How many users can access one account?

When you create an account, you can define at least one account administrator. Administrators are responsible for payments and managing your team. An account administrator can grant access to meeting rooms to as many team members as desired. Meeting organizers, who have access to your meeting rooms, can schedule and manage meetings, upload and delete documents. However, only account administrators can make payments or add meeting organizers.

Which webbrowsers are supported? 

Currently, the most recent versions of the following web browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Chromium Edge
  • Safari

The simplex Meeting application works on platforms where these browsers are available, except for iOS, where only Safari is supported.

Does simplex Meeting work on Adroid and iOS? 

Recent versions of Android support all web browsers that can be used to access our service. You can join a meeting using Safari on the latest iOS version.

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Is this service secure? 

We prioritize privacy and take extensive precautions to ensure security. All communication between your browser and simplex Meeting servers uses 256-bit TLS encryption, the same technology used by online banks and shopping sites. We serve data only from our own servers. Audio and video conversations are fully encrypted using the DTLS-SRTP standard. We hash every password in our database with individual salt.

What does ist mean when you say this service is “hosted in Switzerland”?

All our servers are physically located in Switzerland and managed by a Swiss hosting provider. When using simplex Meeting, all data served to you is entirely served out of Switzerland. This ensures that you benefit from a service protected by Swiss laws.

What do you do with user data?

We only use customer data for technical debugging of our service and for anonymous usage statistics internally to improve our service. We will never access or read your data internally or externally. We will never grant third parties access to your data. We only share your data when legally obliged to do so under Swiss law.

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What has to be considered for the encoder settings?

Recommended Encoder Settings

Resolution: 1920×1080
Video-Bitrate: 3.000-6.000 Kbps
Keyframe-Intervall: 1-2 Sec

When configuring encoder settings, it’s important to consider the following factors to achieve optimal video quality and performance:

  • Resolution: Select the appropriate resolution for your needs, ensuring compatibility with available internet connections and playback devices.
  • Bitrate: Determine the desired bitrate, which affects video quality and data size. Strike a balance between quality, file size, and transmission speed.
  • Videocodec: Choose the suitable video codec for your requirements, considering compression rates and supported features. Common codecs include H.264, H.265 (HEVC), and VP9.
  • Framerate: Set the desired framerate, determining the number of frames displayed per second in the video. Standard options are 24, 30, or 60 frames per second.
  • Audio settings: Pay attention to audio format, bitrate, and sampling rate to ensure clear and high-quality audio transmission.

Some encoders (e.g. vMix) do not work with the simplex RTMP stream URL.
In this case the slash before “doPublish” can be replaced with a question mark: rtmp://live.simplex.tv/smsla-o/_definst_?doPublish=…