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Introducing Enhanced Security for Your privacy


We are thrilled to announce a significant update to our platform, bringing you enhanced functionality and improved protection for your private customer content. With our latest release, we have implemented robust security measures to prevent unauthorized…

simplex Meeting 6.11 Version


Seamlessly open and present Office documents, enjoy higher video quality, and take control with our Waiting Room (Lobby) feature. Ensure account security with two-factor authentication, effortlessly manage contacts, and customize audio settings. Easily identify screen sharing…

simplex Meeting 6.10 Version


Discover our latest features: scalable video server, multilingual meetings, breakout rooms, virtual backgrounds, audio sharing while screen sharing, "Take" function, picture-in-picture for videos, patterned backgrounds for whiteboards, developer functions, and more! We are pleased to inform…

simplex Studio


We are excited to announce our browser-based solution that combines a live stream production studio and a cloud recorder. The elegant and modern user interface is quick to learn and easy for new users, yet powerful…

simplex Meeting 6.9 Version


Supported: Audio player Experience enhanced meeting capabilities with simplex Meeting 6.9, offering a range of new features including language support, improved organization with checklists, flexible scheduling options, recording flexibility, enhanced multimedia capabilities, customizable meeting room widgets,…