Simplex interaction offers you whole new possibilities in the field of interactive on-line communication. You can organise live conferences, web meetings, webinars and much more and you can interactively communicate with your visitors through live streaming. Along with picture, sound and presentations, you can, for example, use the chat function to answer your viewers’ questions directly during the live stream or create a survey which can be displayed later by means of a poll icon.
Screen sharing
Live interaction allows you to provide your moderator rights to co-moderators/guests and share your screen view. In this way all rights and functions like slide pushing, use of the whiteboard, importing presentations and the mouse pointer can be passed on temporarily.
During live streams you can convert your presentation slides to a digital whiteboard. You can then highlight and mark them directly with a pen or with various symbols (square, rectangle, circle etc.) and this will be directly visible to your visitors on their browsers.
Software licences
The Simplex Media Suite can be purchased under licence and can be operated on your own IT infrastructure.
With a live project (live stream) you have the opportunity to provide the webcast to a limited number of users. In just a few clicks, you can generate a login link for your visitors and send this together with the login data. In addition, you have the ability to assign moderator rights, if two or more moderators are involved.
Chat + interaction
With chat and interaction you have the opportunity to communicate interactively with your visitors, create surveys which you can also display later or mark slides by means of whiteboard function slides.
Live streaming
With the live streaming function you have the opportunity to supply your streaming media on your website’s player in real-time. If you have a live media conference, for example, and want to present this attractively live – the live streaming function makes this possible.

newest Customers

  • The Parliamentary Services

    The Parliamentary Services are the administrative services of the Federal Assembly and its bodies, which it supports in carrying out their tasks.

  • Moby Dick Productions AG

    The Moby Dick Productions AG develops and produces innovative, cross-media advertising for construction, housing, lifestyle, and quality of living.

  • Baloise

    Basler Insurance and Baloise Bank SoBa act together as a focused financial services provider, combining insurance and banking.


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