Corporate Web-TV

Successful video and audio business communication with the Simplex Media Suite. Send impulsive and eventful video messages to your colleagues, customers & partners in an innovative and attractive way.

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Your services like Google Analytics, Webtrends, Omniture, Adtech and Doubleclick can be seamlessly integrated into the Simplex Media Server.
The Simplex Media Server Manager Interface provides various statistics for the inspection and evaluation of your published multimedia content. From statistics on traffic, bandwidth and visitors to Storage used and much more. With the Simplex Server Manager Interface you have the opportunity to display your project statistics according to different criteria and download the statistics in CSV format or print them out.
Our server infrastructure with Swiss location guarantees your business maximum data protection. On request, the Simplex Media Server can be operated on your own IT platform.
Social networks
The social network buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google+ etc. can be integrated into your media player on request.
The published videos can be provided for nearly all mobile devices in your desired format and quality. Android as well as iPad/iPhone and other older mobile telephones are supported.
Formats and devices
Nearly all current video formats are available. From Web-Standard, Web High (HD) to Podcast and iPad/iPhone and many more. The video and audio preferences can be set for each device separately.
Live streaming
With the live streaming function you are able to provide your media streaming in real-time on your website in your player. You might, for example, have a live media conference and want to present this live in an appealing way.
The advantage of HTML5 compared to Flash format: plugins like Flash etc. will no longer be necessary for the viewer to be able to play a video. A further plus point for HTML5 is that devices like iPad/iPhone that cannot support Flash are able to play videos with slides.
Player + design
The Simplex Media Player can be individually adapted. The player’s design and precise range of functions is defined by the customers. The player can be designed on request according to corporate identity/design and so can be optimally integrated in the website or the video portal. Functions like subtitle selection, video indexing with/without slides etc. are also available.

newest Customers

  • The Parliamentary Services

    The Parliamentary Services are the administrative services of the Federal Assembly and its bodies, which it supports in carrying out their tasks.

  • Moby Dick Productions AG

    The Moby Dick Productions AG develops and produces innovative, cross-media advertising for construction, housing, lifestyle, and quality of living.

  • Baloise

    Basler Insurance and Baloise Bank SoBa act together as a focused financial services provider, combining insurance and banking.


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